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Why Colloidal Silver Gold?


As with anything which is used to promote health, only the highest quality ingredients and techniques should be used in order to get optimum results. Many companies actually brag that they are using "purified water"! Although this sounds good, many "purified waters" start with "tap" water! The tap water is then filtered through a series of filters which is known as reverse osmosis. Unfortunately, many of the solvent or non-solvent materials may still be present in the water after purification. For example even the best reverse osmosis systems only guarantee 96%-99% purity. What are common impurities left behind? How about: methanol, formaldehyde, formic acid, and ethanol. Many gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ethane also have small molecules that will pass through reverse osmosis. Unfortunately, in the process of making colloidal silver, silver comes into an "Ionic" state where it readily combines with many other non-metals to form silver salts. We eliminate this possibility by using only distilled water.

When considering improving your health, NONE of those molecules will do anything but cause your immune system to not only fight the condition you are treating but your immune system will also need to defend against all of those impurities listed! There is also no telling what silver salts or other chemicals which might be produced in the process when not using steam distilled water.

 SOLUTION #1 -  Steam Distilled Water

At Colloidal Silver Gold, we only use distilled water. Only distilled water is scientifically "pure". There are no gases, no sulfurs, no parasites, no acids, - only PURE WATER with Zero particles - none! Each batch is tested to contain 0 parts per million particles. Quality in-quality out .